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Guidance and counselling

The staff of SIMHE-Karelia provide personal guidance related to study opportunities for immigrants interested in higher education studies. Support will also be provided regarding the practices used in the recognition of prior learning as well as guidance in career planning for those immigrants who have already completed some higher education studies before.

At Karelia University of Applied Sciences, guidance is provided by Project Manager and Counsellor Hannele Niskanen or Project coordinator and counsellor Kirsi Autio. You can contact her by email at Personal Guidance is given mainly at Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Joensuu.

Personal Guidance and counselling

SIMHE-Karelia guidance and counselling can help you if:

  • You need information on applying to Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences
  • you need to know different studying possibilities for you
  • you need to know how your previous education and competencies can be recognised in Finland
  • you need help in planning your career
  • you need more information about Finnish language studies

In you first contact, disclose your educational background and interests, for example:

  • earlier studies and what stage they are at
  • your degree, language skills
  • how long you have lived in Finland
  • what kind of educational interest you have

You can get personal guidance by sending an email to:

or by filling in this form:

We provide also pop-up counselling at LUOTSI (Kauppakatu 29, Joensuu) on every Monday at 14 - 16.

Instructions about recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland

If you have completed a qualification abroad, you may need a decision on recognition of your qualification to be able to study or work in Finland.

In most cases, the employer, educational establishment or higher education institution assesses the competence and skills that your foreign qualification provides.

If you wish to work in Finland in a regulated profession or in a post that requires a higher education degree of a certain level, you will need a decision on recognition of your qualification made by the Finnish National Agency for Education or another competent authority.

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Digital guidance

SIMHEapp is a Mobile Application, which helps you to find information on education possibilities in Finland. You can download it from GooglePlay store with the name simhe-app.