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Useful links

Moving to Finland, applying for Residence Permit

Finnish immigration service

Infopankki, information about moving to Finland

In Joensuu:

Joensuu city immigration services

In Kuopio:

Kuopio city immigration services

In Mikkeli:

Mikkeli region immigration work

How to make a curriculum vitae

The Europass CV, or Curriculum Vitae, presents key information about you in a concise form.

Make a CV

Applying for job

TE services

Working in Finland - information for immigrants on 13 languages

Jobs in Finland

Work in Finland - For jobseekers and Employees

Just landed, information about seeking job in Finland


General information about Finland

Moving to Finland

This is Finland

Organizations and associations supporting immigrants in integration

In Joensuu

The association for multi-cultural activities JoMoni

The settlement of Joensuu

In Kuopio

Multicultural center Kompassi

In Mikkeli

Multicultural center Mimosa

In Savonlinna

International Meeting point