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Guidance and Counselling Services for Immigrants

The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland has selected Karelia University of Applied Sciences as one of the higher education institutes responsible for supporting immigrants in integration. These services are implemented within the national SIMHE network (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education) including three Universities of Applied Sciences and three Universities from different parts of Finland. The aim is to give guidance to immigrants to help them find study opportunities in higher education and to produce services for recognising the prior competence of highly educated immigrants in order to facilitate the process of integration.

The purpose of these activities is to ensure that highly educated immigrants arriving in Finland can have their prior learning, prior studies and prior degrees recognised and acknowledged swiftly according to national practices, and that they will be guided towards meaningful educational and career paths. Advice is given in personal meetings or by email.

The guidance and counselling services include:

  • personal guidance and counselling, where the purpose is to give information about individual studying possibilities and help in finding meaningful educational paths
  • Recognizing of prior Competence, where the purpose is to help in the process of Mapping the prior Competence
  •   group guidance and study info

SIMHE-Karelia was presented on online session.

Ask for guidance with email :

or phone +358 50 575 0823, councellor Hannele Niskanen

Personal guidance can be face to face meeting in Joensuu or guidance by email or skype, if you live elsewhere in Eastern Finland.